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Our project

nubicon is derived from the Latin word nubes and means cloud. So our company name refers to our project:

We develop cloud software for high-performing access control systems that work more efficiently and are more secure!

We are also working on a user-friendly operation and commissioning of our products.

nubicon is platform-independent and multilingual. Thus we open the way for multilingual applications and international markets.

Our Innovation

The operating software is outsourced to a cloud system. The operator logs on with account, client, user and thus has the advantages of a cloud application in the front-end. Data is encrypted with an object-specific key. The data of the account is optionally available in the cloud, an external server space or a separate database server. Multilingual user interface/API.

Microservices ensure encrypted communication between user input, database and terminals. Decisions (access permitted, access denied, people counting, time monitoring, alarms, etc.) are taken directly on site.


+ high security, high availability, high speed

+ standardized handling, permanente maintenance, no updates

+ not attackable due to the terminal’s proprietary operating system

About us

We are a company from Freiburg in southern Germany. Our proximity to the border triangle inspires us to offer multilingual solutions and enter the international market. 

Together we have more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of time and access control systems.

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